IKEA has already collaborated with LEGO, and so a proposed LEGO Ideas set of an IKEA Store is more plausible than say the Milwaukee Art Museum (which, unfortunately, was not shortlisted in 2020) if it gets 10,000 support. And so yes, someone has proposed a LEGO set based on an IKEA store.

LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular by brickster0404

The LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular, as it is so called, is the creation of LEGO Ideas member brickster0404. It is a scaled-down version, obviously, so you won’t be lost like you do when you roam the actual store.

It is not clear how many pieces brickster0404’s proposed set packs but we do know it will furniture display area, a flat pack pick-up area, a cashier, and a restaurant spread across three floors.

LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular by brickster0404

The set has an open back for playability and you know, for the cross-sectional look of the store. It can also be split apart into three modules if so desire. Meanwhile, the three remaining sides feature the iconic blue and yellow facade, complete with a large IKEA branding, and a few Sweden flags integrated into the front and sides of the building for good measure.

It is a simple yet strangely alluring set. OK. Maybe alluring to me because I am kind of a fan of IKEA. If you like want you have seen, you may want to drop your one precious support for IKEA Store Modular by brickster0404 on LEGO Ideas to help push it past the next milestone.

LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular by brickster0404

Images: LEGO Ideas (brickster0404).

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