Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by BWD

Rolex Explorer II Stealth Flame by Bamford Watch Department
(photos: Bamford Watch Department) Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department | £11,000.00 |

young and trendy were never Rolex’s forte but loving the brand name does not requires you to compromise your youthful look – that’s if, you go for customized version of this luxe watch like the Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department. it has all the features you expect of a Explorer II such as quick set date function, 24-hour hand, dual time zone settings, sapphire crystal but with the addition of a youthful, good look – thanks to its orange tone that sits contrastingly on a military-grade PVD finish specially formulated by BWD. the matte black finish endows it with a timeless sophistication, while the orange evokes the lively side of the watch. a beautiful watch shouldn’t be restricted to a life of ballroom and tuxedo, does it? like its original counterpart, the Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department is going to reduce your fortune by a good £11,000 or about US$17,427, based on the current going rate. hit the jump for a few more look.

Bamford Watch Department via Highsnobiety

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