I have to confess. I have zero idea what a Fire Gorgon is, but man, this particular LEGO MOC by Andrew Steele, called Fire Gorgon, absolutely blew my mind. That’s right, folks. Incredibly, the menacing creature that you see here is 100 percent constructed using LEGO elements.

Custom LEGO ‘Fire Gorgon” by Andrew Steele

It was created by one passionate LEGO enthusiast Andrew Steele. And if it looks big to you, well, that’s because it is. This amazing LEGO-based creature stretches a cool 1.4 meters (4 feet 7.12 inches) long and stands over a meter tall. A build as complex as this is no small feat. In fact, it took Steele an entire year to build.

Information is scarce, but what we need to know are in the photos. Like, from the photos, we kind of know the throat, chest and belly of this majestic beast lights up, and when it does, it looks crazy dope.

We recommend that you hit up Andrew Steele’s Flickr page for even more images of this absolutely, mind-blowing LEGO MOC.

Images: Flickr (Andrew Steele).

Source: YouTube (@BrickVault).

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