C-Lab SelfieType Keyboardless Keyboard

Forget about the finicky laser keyboard that was a thing some years ago because, Samsung has a more radical solution that ditched the laser entirely. Called SelfieType and developed by Samsung’s in-house incubation program C-Lab, Selfie Type is a “keyboardless keyboard” and it is exactly as described.

SelfieType is basically “invisible” keyboard – one that cartoon Wonder Woman would probably love (I think). Using your device’s camera and proprietary SelfieType AI engine, you simply start typing away. This is truly some sci-fi sh*t and also one that may people around question your sanity if you use in a public place.

C-Lab SelfieType Keyboardless Keyboard

The engine, via the device’s camera, analyze your finger movements and convert them into QWERTY keyboard inputs on your smartphone. Obviously, the quirk here is, you have to know the QWERTY at the back of the hand.

SelfieType is not limited to smartphone. It can also be used with tablets, laptops and other various devices that can or require the use of a keyboard. Its only hardware requirement is an RGB camera. Pretty crazy tech, eh?

Wait a minute. Why does this idea sounds so familiar?

As of now, SelfieType is being tested for English language. The developers have planned to test this technology with other languages in near-future.

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Skip ahead for a demoed recorded at CES 2020 followed by a promo video.


Images: YouTube (삼성전자 뉴스룸).