GameCube Joy-Cons Mod For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch. It was a game-changing video game system in the last decade, but if I can be honest, it is not perfect. What Nintendo did right was the ability to play console video game titles on the go. Though I can say the same for the Joy-Cons. They are anything but ergonomic.

Well, it looks like one modder managed to solve the problem and doing so in the most beautiful way possible. The modder is Shank Mods. After realizing Nintendo is not going to turn out better Joy-Cons and also after seeing some renders of Nintendo Switch with the classic GameCube controller as Joy-Cons, Shank Mods set out to make it a reality. I think he did the right thing.

GameCube Joy-Cons Mod For Nintendo Switch

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, it is only right that he has the right controller to complete the experience. Long story short, Shank Mods took an actual GameCube Wavebird wireless controller and put it under the knife.

After a painstaking process, he transformed the previously less-than-ideal Joy-Cons into Joy-Cons with the aesthetic and feel of the GameCube controller while retaining all the functionality of the original Joy-Cons.

Like the original Joy-Cons, the GameCube Joy-Cons can be affixed to both ends of the Switch console and it can also be joined together to form a full controller for playing the Switch as a video game console proper.

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The road to this awesome mod is not an easy one to say the least and so, can we take a moment to appreciate Shank Mods’ brilliant mod. If you are interested, there’s a build video where you can follow Shank Mods’ mod process.

Images: Instagram (@shankmods)/YouTube (Shank Mods).

Source: Technabob.