LEGO has commissioned many custom builds to promote products and/or celebrate certain events but this Halloween, the Danish toymaker took on a very different route. It built a monster, one-off brick-built gaming PC with an enclosure made out of LEGO bricks.

Custom Halloween-themed Brick-built Gaming Computer

I know, right. LEGO brick, while LEGO bricks are said to be able to withstand heat, is not exactly great for heat dissipation. Still, the Custom Halloween-themed Brick-built Gaming Computer is a very impressive build and a super cool-looking custom gaming rig.

Clearly, a case like this isn’t going to be great with heat dissipation when the Corsair Dominator and RTX 3090-equipped Intel i9-12900KF processor starts spinning. This is where a custom open loop water cooling system – with brick-built itsy bitsy spiders lurking in the green liquid – comes in.

Custom Halloween-themed Brick-built Gaming Computer

The case, which is built from LEGO elements (obviously), is a horror mansion with individual rooms and halls that are filled with all things horror like cobwebs, a pipe organ, colored translucent bricks that mimic stained glass, creepy plants, overgrown, abandon crates, creepy laboratory, and more.

Dotted around the mansion are iconic monsters and hideous creatures like Dracula, Wacky Witch, Fly Monster, Frankenstein, Skeletons, Gargoyle, and more. Speaking of Gargoyle (which is a Minifigure from the LEGO Minifigures Series 14: Monsters from 2015, btw), there are at least two of them decorating the horror mansion and one of which is a secret spring-loaded lever that, when pulled, boots up the PC.

Custom Halloween-themed Brick-built Gaming Computer

The mantelpiece in the main hall is a large, brick-built statue of Frankenstein’s monster, and above it, is a dedicated display for displaying computer vital stats like temperatures, capacities, and whatnot.

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All told, the Custom Halloween-themed Brick-built Gaming Computer used over 20,000 elements. Unfortunately, though, it is a one-off build that money cannot buy. However, you can pick up some pretty cool Halloween sets from LEGO if you are interested.

Images: Twitter (@Lego_Group).

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