Batman joining the The Avengers is not the last we have seen in the weird world of bootleg toys, but it does make an Infinity War saxophone a little less bizarre. Yes. Apparently, there exists a merchandise that is an Infinity War-themed toy saxophone – complete with a blister pack packaging bearing the official Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War branding and the star villain, Thanos, looking over the product. Hat-wearing, comic writer Tom Taylor (@TomTaylorMade), whose works includes Injustice, X-Men: Red, All-new Wolverine, and Star Wars comics, stumbled upon this strange Infinity War merchandise in store and posted it on Twitter. And it really open our eyes.

The product does not show Thanos using the sax, but the fact that it had his image on the package, lead us to believe this musical instrument belongs to him. The colors are not quite accurate, but it is safe to say it supposed to sport the Infinity Gauntlet colors and also, there are no space stones to be found. Little to nothing is known about this obviously bootleg toy, but the source is not important. What’s important is, we had a good laugh and also had a good time speculating why in the world would Thanos have a sax. So, what do you think? Is playing the sax really Thanos’ secret passion? Or did you stole it from Drax like some have speculated?

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Image: Marvel/Tom Taylor edited by Mikeshouts.

Source: comicbook.

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