G-Shock x HondaJet GWR-B1000HJ Wrist Watch

Casio collaboration with Honda is not new. In fact, recently, it had revealed the third Honda Racing watch. However, this latest collaboration is not an EDIFICE and neither is it related to motorsports. It’s a G-Shock GRAVITYMASTER and it is with Honda wholly-owned aviation company, HondaJet.

G-Shock x HondaJet GWR-B1000HJ Wrist Watch

The watch, the G-Shock x HondaJet GWR-B1000HJ, is packed with design cues borrowed from the aircraft maker’s HondaJet Elite business jet.

It includes a white dial face inspired by the white interiors of the aircraft, an aircraft-shape indicator on the sub dial at 12 o’clock mark and the center crown with a spiral-style knurl of sort and a finish to reflect the aircraft’s fan blades of the engine.

G-Shock x HondaJet GWR-B1000HJ Wrist Watch

Other design features include a handsome impact-resistant carbon monocoque case and a watch band with HondaJet logo at the base of band at 6 o’clock and a list of the flight specs of the HondaJet, including the Maximum Cruising Speed (MCS), Maximum Operating Altitude (MOA), and Range, can be found on the 12 o’clock side.

Beyond the delightful HondaJet touches, it is very much the TRIPLE G RESIST GRAVITY MASTER which is built with carbon core guard structure and, in addition to the G-Shock toughness, boasts the ability to stand up to three gravitational acceleration forces of impact, centrifugal force, and vibration. There are, of course, smartphone link functionality and tough solar solar-charging system.

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Hit up G-Shock website for the full specs and/or to get acquaint with this beautiful limited edition GRAVITYMASTER.

The Casio G-Shock x HondaJet GWR-B1000HJ Wrist Watch is now available in Japan, with an asking price of 115,000 yen plus tax (about U$1,072). We heard it is available globally at select G-Shock locations too.


Images: Casio [JP].

Hat tip: NewLaunches.