Custom Built VC10 Engine Camper Trailer

Ever since we saw the custom Atomic camper, we knew some day, someone will do the same, but one that mimics the look of an aircraft engine. Well, that some day is today (well, not today, today) and that someone is Brit aerospace mechanic, Steve Jones, and also, it is not scratch build engine nacelle.

The nacelle of Jones’ one-of-a-kind aircraft engine camper trailer came from a decommissioned, destined for aircraft scrapyard 1967 Vickers VC10 jetliner. The aircraft which this number 4 engine came from was in service with the Royal Air Force for 45 years before put out of service in 2012.

Custom Built VC10 Engine Camper Trailer

Long story short, Jones picked up the engine nacelle and after over six years and 1,000 man hours, he turned it into a head-turning trailer which he calls it the VC10 caravan pod. What make this camper trailer so cool is the fact that it used to be functioning aircraft engine and also, it has a giant window, in lieu of the aircraft fan blades, for unobstructed view of the outside.

That’s not to mention that big-ass window lets tons of light into the cosy space. Plus has a lift-up section for an even more spacious feel.

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The VC10 engine-turned-camper may be tiny, but it is fully kitted out with a kitchenette, and beds for four that can be conveniently turned into a dining area.

But why would anyone want a jet engine trailer? Well, because you can. Nah. Just kidding. Jones just wanted to fabricate something that turns head and turn head he did. Also, we super impressed and want one.

As it turns out, it is not just me wishing for one; some is also loving it and had in fact offered Jones handsome amount to take it away from him.

But Jones won’t be parting with his labor of love just yet. He’s looking to enjoy this cosy camper with his family for at least a year first.

Images: Facebook (VC10 Caravan Pod).

Source: Luxury Launches.