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Airstream Globetrotter Is An American Icon With An European Inside

Airstream and its signature riveted aluminum paneled camper trailers are unmistakably American. The thought of Airstream conjures up images of roller skates, drive-in burger places and kids eager to do some footloose out in the open car park, to the music turned out by small portable FM tuner-equipped cassette player. So, the question now is, can this American icon tweaked to offer the European luxury vibe? Well, apparently, it can – thanks to the magical touches lent to it by multidisciplinary design consultancy, Astheimer Limited and Globetrotter is the result. Continue reading Airstream Globetrotter Is An American Icon With An European Inside

Winnebago Revel Could Be the Ultimate Sprinter-based Camper

Winnebago, the recreation vehicle maker who is better known for crazy-sized RV that can’t go beyond paved roads, now has one that will delight fans of wilderness. Now, we do not want to question Winnebago’s experience here with regards to off-roading experience, but the spanking new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Revel is quite a looker and it does look the part of the wild. Power comes from a stock 3L 6-pod Diesel motor, paired to a 5-speed automatic Tip Shift gearbox that sends 188 horses and 325 lb-ft of torque to an on-demand 4WD. Continue reading Winnebago Revel Could Be the Ultimate Sprinter-based Camper

Watch A Functional Camper Built From LEGO Bricks Come To Live

With so many campers/camper trailers going around, you hardly find anyone wanting to build one, but that’s not to say nobody does it. In fact, occasionally you will find home-built gem like the Atomic Camper, but have you seen one a functional caravan built entirely out of LEGO bricks? Well, if you haven’t, now you have because the LEGO Brick Caravan, constructed by UK-based professional LEGO builder Bright Bricks (the same folks who was responsible for the awesome Rolls-Royce engine from a few years ago), you see here is the world’s first and set the record as the Largest Caravan Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks back in 2015. Continue reading Watch A Functional Camper Built From LEGO Bricks Come To Live

Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

I am excited about a lot of things and usually when I do get excited, I will proceed to write a shit load of good stuff about it, but today, I found myself left speechless by the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Camper Trailer. I am thrilled by a camper trailer. Imagine that. I am not going to lie; as I was writing this, I secretly wish I can have one even though the place that I reside has no room for such awesomeness. Ok. I admit. I am excited and sad at the same time. Continue reading Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

If the ever iconic, silver hull Airstream camper is a little too big for your need, or simply because your handsome SUV lacks of the torque to lug it along, well, then Airstream’s new Basecamp may be what you need. It is adventure on wheels without the heft and it is totally modern looking, so it should make look a little less old folksy – if that’s your perception of the silver hull Airstream. Coming in at under 3,000 pounds, this sleek, compact camper trailer does not need a serious torque monster such as a truck to tow. It can be pulled along with small SUVs, which addresses the practicality side of camper trailer ownership since not everyone has a truck. Continue reading Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

Atomic Camper – Pure Awesomeness with None of the Danger

the camper here is aptly refer to as Atomic Camper and it is a result of two things: making the best of bad situation and pure creativity. Atomic Camper is the work of a Alaskan man by the name of Bill Guernsey who has too much time on his hands which he had while on the road of recovery after an unfortunate plane crash and it is also a shining example of man’s creativity when given the opportunity to do so. and that opportunity was unfortunately, the long, arduous recovery journey during which Bill thought he needed something to keep himself occupied. it took Bill two years to arrive to what this 16-foot long bright red rocket on wheels is today and we not talking about two years of weekends and after work; we talking about six hours a day, six days a week of pure dedication and the result is an obvious winner. Continue reading Atomic Camper – Pure Awesomeness with None of the Danger

Extreme Off-Road Mobile Home: Mercedes-Benz Zetros With Mobile Home Body

you probably have drooled over the custom Zetros of the two Mongolian businessmen and dream of something of sort. well, it looks like the pointed star marque takes heed and has officially, pulled the bed off the Mercedes-Benz Zetros truck and slapped a mobile home onto it that will provide you with another type of bed – one which you can sleep on. so yes. we are talking about a Zetros-based motor home (or RV, if you prefer), which is currently showing off its stuff at Europe’s leading trade fair for recreational vehicles, the Caravan Show in Düsseldorf. what the Zetros with Mobile Home offers is the extreme off-road capability of a Unimog, but with the load-carrying capacity of a heavy truck. like the Unimog, the Zetros has a cab-behind-engine configuration, which makes for a spacious cab that is not too towering and thus facilitates easy ingress and egress. Continue reading Extreme Off-Road Mobile Home: Mercedes-Benz Zetros With Mobile Home Body

Dub-Box Camper – VW Bus-inspired Tow-behind Camper

we have seen a fair amount of camper trailers here, ranging from the ridiculously high-tech (and expensive) to the super rugged to some retro-licious examples. well, here is another one to add the list and this one goes straight into our must-have if you really need a camper trailer list. dubbed Dub-Box Camper, this made in USA tow-behind caravan is as retro as a camper can get. styled after the iconic Volkswagen Type 2, or more affectionately known as the Kombi or simply the Bus, each camper is fabricated from the ground up using new fiberglass shells over a steel frame, combining the concept of American vintage trailer with retro styling of the Bus, while providing modern amenities for a comfortable outdoor camping adventure. so in this way, you get to travel in nostalgic style with modern amenities, while not harming any real vintage VW buses. it is a win-win situation, except that you will have fork out at least $19,500 to start with. still, as far as uber cool factor is concerned, the Dub-Box Camper has it all. 100 percent. Continue reading Dub-Box Camper – VW Bus-inspired Tow-behind Camper

GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber Camper Trailer

when it comes to road-going vehicles, carbon fiber is a symbol of luxury as opposed to actually having gold or precious stones stuck on them. not that you can’t have it all gold, but carbon fiber is lightweight and strong which spells practicality for automobiles – especially so when you are towing it like the GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber Camper Trailer will be. we are not incline to call it a RV, or recreational vehicle cos’ it is essentially a lengthen camper, which we are perfectly fine with btw, but the letters RV tends to conjure up an image of self-propelled vehicle. anyway, here it is, the world’s first camper constructed entirely of carbon fiber which the company, Global Caravan Technologies, anticipates a base weight of around 6,000 lbs (2,720 kg). not bad for a massive 35-foot (10-meter) long trailer. Continue reading GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber Camper Trailer

Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

road trip sounds awesome, however, that won’t be fun if you are left without accommodation in the middle of nowhere. you can sleep in the car, but you can’t really sleep on a bike and even if you can balance perfectly on your bike and not move a bit in your sleep, you still risk waking up to hyenas tucking your feet. this is where the Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer could be your perfect two-wheel companion for your next road trip. with less than 300 lbs, it is light enough to be towed by a motorcycle and in its barest form, it has essentials such as a 4-inch foam mattress, screened and tinted slider, and one lockable door to ensure you will have a good night, sheltered from the elements and safe from any potential intruders. Continue reading Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer