DukeBox by Labs and Upgraded Bon Voyage by LG Labs

LG‘s going all out at CES 2024 with some super cool, kinda experimental stuff. They’ve got this special LG Labs section, which is way bigger than last year, to show off all their creative products designed for different lifestyles.

DukeBox by Labs and Upgraded Bon Voyage by LG Labs

One of the big things they’re showing off is this DukeBox. It’s like a modern jukebox mashup with old-school vacuum tube audio and new transparent OLED tech. It’s supposed to give you this immersive sound and adjustable transparency on the display, so you can switch from watching movies to having a cozy fireplace look.

They’re also rolling out an updated version of the Bon Voyage, which is like a fancy camping trailer. It’s got all the home comforts packed into a compact size that you can hitch to your car. Think beds, fridges, and even shoe care products.

DukeBox by Labs and Upgraded Bon Voyage by LG Labs

Then there’s this DUOBO coffee machine that can handle two coffee capsules at once. DUOBO is LG’s first capsule coffee machine that was crowdfunded last year. It’s got a space exploration vibe and even comes with a space pet character called CUBO.

LG’s not stopping there – they’re also showcasing other stuff like the LG CineBeam Qube which we talked about a few posts earlier, the LG gram Fold, and a bunch of other cool products that show they’re not afraid to try new things.

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If you’re at CES 2024 in Vegas, you can check out all these LG Labs products at their booth in the Central Hall. Sounds like LG’s booth is going to be pretty interesting for tech buffs (and home appliance enthusiasts!).

Images: LG.