Sealvans Amphibious Caravan

Ever settled in at a beautiful lakeside with your caravan and thought to yourself, how nice it would have been if you have a boat too? Well, the good news is, you can have the best of both worlds thanks to amphibious motorhomes. But if you prefer a caravan, well, Turkey-based start-up Sealvans will have you covered. In fact, Sealvans isn’t the first amphibious caravan.

Sealvans Amphibious Caravan

Sealander is also an amphibious caravan that has been in business since 2011. However, if your idea of an amphibious caravan is more of a yacht, well then, I think Sealvans will fit the bill. Well, at least the larger model is anyways. But more on that in a jiffy.

The obvious boon with Sealvans is the luxury of space as well as the flexibility of enjoying the great wilderness and the open waters whenever you choose to. Well, as long as the water area has the appropriate launch slope, that is. On the land, Sealvans serves as regular caravan that can be towed by most automobiles equipped with a tow hitch.

The Sealvans is offered in two models: Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m model. The Seal 4.20m is a single axle model measuring 4.2 m long and 2.1 meters (13.8 x 6.9 feet) – which is roughly the size of the Sealander, btw – and it has an interior height of 1.96 meters (6.4 feet). It tips the scales at 750 kilograms or less and while it may be small, it is not lacking of amenities.

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Sealvans Amphibious Caravan

It is outfitted with a living/sleeping space, a kitchenette, a bath area, and everything expect of a caravan for two. On the water, it is powered by an outboard motor that produces under 10 horsepower. This means, depending on where you are located, you may not need a maritime license to operate this little fellow.

The Seal 7.50m, on the other hand, is a small yacht equivalent. It stretches 7.2 meters long and is 2.5 meters wide, and is full 2 meters tall on the inside. It comes with all the amenities you expect of a caravan, including a kitchen, bath area, sleep/living quarter, and more.

It is powered by a 50 HP outboard motor capable of reaching 13 knots (15 mph or 24 km/h). Like any caravan or boat, Sealvans is customizable to your requirements. Recently, Sealvans launched its line of amphibious caravans in EU markets. However, exactly how much it will cost is not known.

Sealvans Amphibious Caravan

Images: Sealvans.

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