if you are heading down to your local lake for picnic or fishing trip, you probably would have a boatload of stuff to bring and a boat in tow, and unless you have a camper that likes water or a trailer, chances are, you will need a BoatPack on the roof of your car. make sense? probably not yet, so read on and it will make a whole lot of sense. so what exactly is a BoatPack? it is a roof box for your automobile that will not only gives you 650 liters of storage space for your outdoor adventure gears, but it also a portable boat for two, complete with wooden seat, folding oars and rowlocks.

made of UV stable acrylic capped ABS plastic and double skinned for extra strength, this cute little watercraft cum storage box tips the scale at just 20 kilograms (44 pounds) which makes it easy to flip over and start boating for two, well, that’s if the ‘two’ does not weigh more than 175 kilograms (386 pounds). it has oars for you to rock across the water, but in the event that you are inadequately equipped with the necessary rowing skills, you can always choose to mount a small electric outboard motor for a non-arm breaking boating experience. so for a price that you would normally pay for a roof box (unless it is this one), or $1,590 to be exact, you will get the best of both worlds. awesome.

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