Sealander is an amphibious camping trailer

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(credit: Sealander) Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer | €15,000.00 |

here’s a clever invention that solves your dilemma of whether to tow a camper or a boat on your next lakeside camping trip. dubbed the Sealander, it is a camper and a boat rolled into one. i think the camper part pretty much speaks for themselves, and as a boat, it is equipped with a low-emission electric outboard motor that allows you to push through the water. its wide bowl shape offers stability on water, while a shallow draft allows it to navigate through shallow waters. whether you decide to be on solid ground or on the water, the Sealander is fairly well equipped despite its relatively small package.
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it comes fully equipped with a cooking-washing area, a cooler, heater, and has seatings that convert into a deck area, and it is, of course, completely watertight. other features include a cabriolet-style roll-up roof that opens up, letting you do your sunbathing routine in the day, count the stars in the night or throw the hook for fishing, and an openable large hatch up front (supported by a pair of hydraulic cylinders), allows for use of the cooking/washing area at a comfortable standing height. oh, there’s another unspoken highlight: it is definitely going to garner odd stares from your fellow camping trip goers. don’t you just love the attention?

the Sealander will be available from early 2012 for €15,000 or about US$20,680, based on the current going rate. more images and a product intro video follows after the break.

Sealander [DE] via DVICE

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