LilyPad iPad Case – it’s a Swiss knife of iPad Case

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(credit: David Foster) LilyPad Solar Powered iPad Case | US$165.00 |

protective cases for ipad, portable chargers and solar powered portable chargers aren’t new but one that integrates a solar panel into a protective case that charges both your iPad and other USB powered devices simultaneously is something that make me sit up and take notice. sounds too good to be true but it is happening. spotted on the Kickstarter is this gadget accessory called LilyPad that uses solar ink technology to offer extra juice to your iPad and to other USB powered devices via a built-in USB port. and that’s not all, the case itself also feature a HDMI port allowing your iPad to hook up to any HDMI-equipped big screen for watching movies or any other stuff that would required a big screen to do. the built-in battery stores the charges as provided by the thin-film solar panel, and it is good for average of 12.5 days use before it needs to be recharge through the old school way.
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the solar-panel used is capable of converting both outdoor (natural light) and indoor (artificial) light into usable energy. in short, anything that shimmers, LilyPad will grab it and convert them into usable energy. apart from the above-mentioned features, the case also sports a pair of metal kickstands allows you to use your iPad at a 15-degree angle for typing, or in a “movie stand” angle suitable for watching video or reading. last but not least, it also has a nifty feature known as whistle locator. as the name suggest, simply whistle and the case will response with an audible tone to assist you in locating it. i guess that put a whole new meaning to bells & whistles, doesn’t it? for a cool sum of $165, the LilyPad could be yours and it also worthy to note that this price is a introductory price for those who pledge on LilyPad’s Kickstarter page which has 13 more days to go. oh, you will also get a custom travel bag that features a cut-out for the case to charge while you are walking around.

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the LilyPad is available for both iPad and iPad 2. a short video intro of the LilyPad follows after the break.

LilyPad via 9to5Mac