This Pokéball Will Keep Your Phone Juiced When Playing Pokémon Go

With the surge in popularity of Pokémon Go, folks and businesses alike wasted no time in cashing in on the craze. The Handmade Pokéball Power Bank by Magical Superstore is one such example. For 40 bucks, you will get yourself a portable battery disguised as the iconic Pokéball. Unlike the cartoon series’ Pokéball, which is […]

Novi Multi-device Charging Station Offers 8 Contact Charge Power Banks

You know how a magazine-fed gun works? When the magazine is depleted of ammunition, you swap it out for a fresh mag. The MG’s Novi Multi-device Portable Charging Station works much like that. Instead of having just a portable battery which sometimes you may forget to recharge, Novi has eight ‘pods’ called Novi Pods, each […]

Scosche’s Power Bank Puts 4,000 mAh Of Juice On The Back Of Your Phone

Folks. We got news for you. Considering how many things a smartphone can do, battery life is still a woe we have live with. The obvious solution is to grab an external battery and today, the market is certainly not lacking of such “smartphone life-saver.” However, you will have to prepare to put with a […]

Meet Thino, The Fastest And Possibly The Smartest OTG USB Charger

You need the USB cable and you also need a backup battery, so why not put the two together and bring just one accessory when you are on the move? Viglo Thino On-The-Go USB Charger is one such accessory. Granted, Thino is not the first. There are many such accessory in the market, but what […]

Griffin Outs Keychain-sized Travel Power Bank That Can Recharge Apple Watch Four Times

Apple conceded that Apple Watch has to be charged daily, a gadget scenario that’s clearly less than ideal. If you are heavy user, 18 hours battery life is not going to be 18 hours. So, instead of lugging a charger and wall adapter around, Griffin proposed a keychain-sized power bank that will supply your Apple […]

Finally, A Wireless Charger For iPhone That’s Truly Wireless

If you really look at it, today’s wireless charging solution is not quite truly wireless; after all, the induction charging pad is still wired, is it not? And don’t get us started with on-the-go wireless charger. This is where an LA-based startup, Stacked, wants to make the difference. It has developed the first truly wireless […]

Solar Charger Gets Seriously Functional and Stylish with SolarTab

We have featured a handful of solar chargers in the past, but Solartab, a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, is something else. Well, it is solar charger, alright, but this little guy here stands out as one that is extremely sleek, or sexy, if you will. While its iPad-like size may draw some disapproval, but the […]

What Hard Drive Enclosures Do to Hard Drives, Better Re Wants to do the Same to Phone Batteries

What happen to your old working hard drive when you replaced it? You get a hard drive enclosure and keep it as handy backup or start with a clean slate for use as an external drive. That’s the norm. And now, a startup with a rather intriguing name, Enlighten Today, wants to do the same […]

The Badger USB Solar Charger Can Survive in Water for Two Days, Shot at by Shotgun and Still Works

Solar charger is one of the obvious source of energy for your gadgets when off the grid, but can your solar charger take the beatings the nature has to offer? We don’t know, but as far as ruggedness is concern, Brown Dog Gadgets promised to have you covered with The Badger Waterproof USB Solar Charger. […]

You Wear a Waist Belt. Why Not Make it Charge Your Smartphone Too?

The problem of smartphones not having enough battery has long been addressed, but at the expense of traveling light. Heavy users of smartphone can never truly enjoy traveling light because they have at least a portable battery to carry with them. Nifty, the folks who brought to you MiniDrive, has a brilliant solution that will […]