If you are still carrying multiple power banks for your different devices, well, don’t. Because that is so 2010. In 2023, we only need one power bank to charge all our on-the-road devices, including your trusty laptop like the MacBook Pro. And the one power bank is this: UZE BOLD-2.

UZE BOLD-2 World’s Fastest Graphene Power Bank

Billed as the world’s fastest graphene power bank, BOLD 2 charges up to six devices at the same time with a combined output power of 290 watts – that, btw, is another market’s first. It has four water-resistant USB-C ports, two wireless pads that work with Apple Watch and AirPod, and one 140-watt output port that can charge a MacBook Pro 16” to 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

The wireless charging is MagSafe compatible with Qi-certified devices. Under the hood, it packs 100 Wh/27,000 mAh lithium polymer graphene composite cells and is airline safe. To put the battery capacity in perspective, the BOLD-2 can charge your iPhone 14 Pro around 8 times or charge your MacBook Air twice on a single charge.

UZE BOLD-2 World’s Fastest Graphene Power Bank

Other highlights include an OLED monitoring screen, an American aircraft-grade aluminum body that offers excellent heat dissipation, pass-through charging, supports advanced charging protocol (PD3.2 and PPS), and the ability to function as a hub. The latter means you can leverage UZE BOLD to declutter your desktop when you are not using it as a power bank when on the go.

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The power bank is armed with a bunch of safety features, including over-current protection, voltage/temperature protection, and shortcircuit protection. And it has a pretty impressive 2,000 battery life cycles and UZE said BOLD-2 provides “reliable and consistent performance that will last up to 5 years.”

UZE BOLD-2 World’s Fastest Graphene Power Bank

You may learn more about the new UZE BOLD-2 Power Bank/Power Hub on Indiegogo where it is being crowdfunded. If you are down, you can pre-order a unit by pledging for a product for US$159 or more. The campaign is on a flexible goal and so, it is essentially a pre-sale campaign, really.

UZE BOLD-2 World’s Fastest Graphene Power Bank

Images: UZE.

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