Teenage Engineering have made composing synthesized tunes on-the-go a thing. Now, a concept design from Madrid-based studio, GRIS Design, takes that idea to the next level with OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone.

OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone by GRIS Design

OP-S is a smartphone with a hidden feature: a slider that slides out from beneath to reveal a 24-key keyboard and a sequencer – inspired by none other than Swedish company’s OP-1 from almost a decade ago.

Needless to say, the marriage of the compressed down OP-1 and smartphone’s touchscreen, which would have all the controllers, makes for a mobile digital audio workstation on which you can create tunes wherever, whenever.

OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone by GRIS Design

OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone further features audio I/O with 32-bit DAC, built-in 4 high-capacity surrounding microphones, front-facing speakers, and a triple-camera setup housed in a camera bump that stretches the entire length on the back of the phone. This camera also serve to prop up the device when placed on a table with absolutely no annoying rocking. Clever.

OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone by GRIS Design

Finally, instead of not having any audio output jack, OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone has two. One for monitoring and the other, for hooking up with a speaker system or a laptop, if you so choose to.

Unfortunately, though, as awesome as the OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone sounds, it is nothing but a concept dreamed up by the studio. Synthesizer enthusiasts will have to hope someone pick up this and turn it into a reality.

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Images: GRIS Design.

Source: designboom.

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