Terra Collection by Incase

Terra Collection by Incase
(photos: Incase) Terra Collection by Incase | from US$49.95 | www.goincase.com

so what is Terra? according to an unnamed dictionary, it means “(in science fiction) planet earth; land or territory.” so what’s does the Terra Collection, a series of bags and sleeves for laptop, from Incase has to do with Terra? well, this beautiful collection that includes backpack, tote bag and laptop sleeves of varying sizes, are weaved from natural materials such as denim and canvas. there is no rocket science here, they are just uncomplicated, casual bags designed for you to easily stuff your belongings in and assure a light-weighted traveling. so you get it now? natural materials plus traveling – both that are closely linked to our planet earth. we are especially drawn to the natural canvas that has accents of fluro orange stitching and an interior of chambray lining. the denim is not shabby either with its dark wash denim exterior accented with rich brown leather and a playful quilted orange interior. most importantly, where’s there is zipper, it will be the trusty YKK Vision zipper with oversized teeth, ensuring that you won’t be caught in an un-zippable situation ever (FOX are you reading this???). the Terra Collection by Incase is available now with a starting price of $49.95 for laptop sleeves (11-,13- and 15-inch) and runs up to $99.95 for the Campus Pack. a couple more look after the break.

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