Blue Microphones Tiki USB microphone

Blue Microphones Tiki

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usually for Skype chat, your computer’s built-in microphone should be more than sufficient – if not, there’s always external microphones in the market to up the performance. we are slaves to style and hence, if we ever needed an external microphone, we would go for something like the Blue Microphones Tiki, an intelligent ultra-compact USB microphone. differentiating itself from the cohort of USB microphones out there is its dual microphones: one on each side of the device, mimicking human ears, so that the caller’s voice will remain crystal clear regardless of which side of the computer the user plugs in. additionally, it is compact – less than 3-inch – which makes it ideal to bring along on the road. it has two user selectable modes: Speech Mode for conference call or chat with noise-canceling technology and Natural Recording Mode that captures high-fidelity audio. the Tiki boost an audio of CD-quality and is compatible with both PC and Mac. no word on its exact availability but at least we know at $59 a pop, it is not going to break out bank. click through for a few more look.

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