Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO

Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO
(photos: VESARO) Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO | from £999.00 |

along with the fame and glory that comes with being a Formula 1 race car driver is a routine of cardio workouts to keep yourself in top shape but then again, why put yourself through such an agony (i know the money is good and the fame is, well… priceless but still…) when you can get an advanced simulation rig done up by VERSARO and do the exhilarating races right in the comfort of your humble abode? virtual racers can choose from a series of pre-configured rig setups or customized the rig with a myriad of options that include gaming steering wheel, sound system, tactile feedback system and among the many others. as for the pre-configured rig, expect to shell out at least £999 (about US$1,579) for the base model known as the VESARO 1 V Core Black, which includes a Cobra Monoco Pro FIA bucket racing seat, adjustable pedal plate and seat position, and support for Logitech G25 and G27, Fanatec, as well as Thrustmaster T500RS gaming steering wheels. however, if you have deeper pockets, you can always opt for the full-featured VERSARO 1 Motion X that has everything the base model has but with additions of a Logitech G27 setup, a trio of Samsung 40-inch LED 3D displays, Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 surround sound system with brackets, wireless butt-kicker advance tactile feedback system, and a Cobra Evolution Pro FIA racing bucket seat. in short, the Motion X has everything you will need to start your virtual racing career – all you need is a Playstation 3 or a gaming PC and you are all set. the VERSARO 1 Motion X will set you back at a princely sum of £16,578 (about US$26,208).

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