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ASUS Takes RGB Lighting Too Seriously, Puts It On Backpack, Chair And More

If you think Razer is obsessed with Chroma, then perhaps you have not seen ASUS ROG products. ASUS ROG has put RGB in everything this CES 2019, including entry-level ROG Strix AIO cooler, ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha and Rampage VI Extreme Omega motherboards, and more. Those weren’t even the craziest product to sport RGB lighting the Taiwanese computer maker had brought to CES last week; ASUS obsession with RGB extends to, wait for it… a backpack and a gaming chair. Folks, this is how ASUS is excessive with RGB lighting. Continue reading ASUS Takes RGB Lighting Too Seriously, Puts It On Backpack, Chair And More

If Darth Vader Played Video Games, This Would Be The Chair He’d Use

Whether you are slugging out on the virtual battlefield in Star Wars Battlefront, or reliving the good’ol Star Wars Trilogy at home, you will want to do it in Imperial style with the Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Gaming Chairs. Why? Because, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. Duh. The two chairs shared the same features, differing only aesthetically. Continue reading If Darth Vader Played Video Games, This Would Be The Chair He’d Use

GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair

OMGIGHO GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair
GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair | from US$399.00 | www.omgigho.com

the problem with most gaming chair is, it takes up precious usable space when not in use. of course, you will be happy where it is when you are using it but when you are not using it, this piece of hulking, space-devouring furniture simply becomes a hindrance in the living room. however, this won’t be the case if it can doubles as something else when you are not burning virtual tires which is exactly what the GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair can do. honestly, we are completely sold by OMGIGHO’s (pronounced as ohm-GEE-go) concept because Continue reading GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair

Speedmaster Flight

Speedmaster Flight
(photos: Speedmaster) Speedmaster Flight | €449.00 | www.speedmaster2.de

similar to a racing game steering wheel set, a good flight stick also needs a good rig for an immersive game play. however, a realistic cockpit is something of a fantasy to ordinary folks like us. lucky for us, there exists a middle path that sits between mounting your expensive flight stick on your regular desk and a true-to-life flight cockpit. this is where the Speedmaster Flight comes in. at the first glance, it may look like your regular budget racing game seat but it is actually designed specifically for advanced flight stick like the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warhog joystick. Continue reading Speedmaster Flight

Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO

Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO
(photos: VESARO) Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO | from £999.00 | vesaro.com

along with the fame and glory that comes with being a Formula 1 race car driver is a routine of cardio workouts to keep yourself in top shape but then again, why put yourself through such an agony (i know the money is good and the fame is, well… priceless but still…) when you can get an advanced simulation rig done up by VERSARO and do the exhilarating races right in the comfort of your humble abode? virtual racers can choose from a series of pre-configured rig setups or customized the rig with a myriad of options that include gaming steering wheel, sound system, tactile feedback system and among the many others. Continue reading Advanced Simulation Rigs by VERSARO

ConverTTable – coffee table turns into a racing cockpit

ConverTTable - coffee table turns into a racing cockpit
(photos: ConverTTable) ConverTTable | from €5,433.00.00 | www.converttable.eu

have you been in the situation where you find your living area doesn’t allow you to accommodate your dream gaming cockpit? it is a shame that you can’t fully utilize your glorious big screen LCD TV in your living for a game of Gran Turismo 5. its either the coffee table or a game racing cockpit, which most grown man would choose the latter for practicality sake, and to avoid ruining a stylishly decorated home. well, the folks over at ConverTTable must have read our mind and they have came up with a brilliant idea: a contemporary coffee table that opens to a game racing cockpit. encased within this white and wood color coffee table is a Recaro Racing seat, a Porsche GT3 RS steering wheel, a ClubSport pedals, and a RACE-STAR Butt Shaker for the added rumble feedback. basically, everything that you will need to start revving away in your living room, and conveniently stowing it away when you are done. Continue reading ConverTTable – coffee table turns into a racing cockpit

classic Mini Cooper turned into an ultimate gaming chair

Mini-cooper Multifunctional Chair main 544x388px
(image credit: Ross Parry) Mini Multifunctional Console | £8,000.00

this is one entertainment throne that all couch-potatoes cum part time car freak will love. conceived by David Gawthorpe, this entertainment cocoon is crafted out from an actual classic Mini Cooper. it took David two years to complete this piece of multi-functional console, in which gaming is just part of its many other functions. the working hood flips up to unveil a plush seating complete with backrest and from this seat, you can blast your favorite tunes, watch a movie, execute your overflowed work from office here or simply dump the work and play games on it. Continue reading classic Mini Cooper turned into an ultimate gaming chair

racing simulator kit that eerily resembles a, ermm, coffin?

VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator main 544x368px
(image credit: Prosumer Racing Simulator) VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator | U$4,400.00

i’m still waiting to buy a set of the gaming racing wheel for my GT5 and like most racing simulator fans, i would love to have a home racing simulator but this is definitely not going to be one of the candidate that i have in mind. the VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator is constructed out of wooden (read: it’s a wooden box) which lets you experience the claustrophobic environment within a real racing car. within its confine, the VRS-P1 features a custom built adjustable fiberglass racing seat, adjustable mounting plate for pedals and custom mounting plates for Logitech G27 racing wheel. Continue reading racing simulator kit that eerily resembles a, ermm, coffin?