RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition: Porsche Car Seat On Casters

I bet when DXRacer put casters on automobile seats to create the world’s first gaming chair, it did not expect that it will become a blueprint for all gaming chairs that followed. Obviously, the gaming chair that follows isn’t actual automobile seats, let alone make by an automaker or automobile seat maker.

Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station

The concept of a station in which you can fully immerse yourself in gaming or just using the computer isn’t new. But I have to admit, save for Razer’s proposition, the ones that we have seen so far are kind of sad because they revolved around beds with snacks or a reclining chair with snacks.

Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Collection: Gaming Chairs, Table And Accessories, And Skins

Fans of CD Projekt’s techno-dystopia video game Cyberpunk 2077 will want to check out the Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Collection. The collection includes the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Cyberpunk 2077 Edition (not to be confused with the 2020 Omega-based version), Secretlab Skins Cyberpunk 2077 Edition, and Secretlab Magnus Cyberpunk 2077 Edition gaming desk.

Secretlab And House Of Sant’Agata Bolognese For Automobili Lamborghini Edition Gaming Chair

Razer is not the only big name that has an Automobili Lamborghini co-branded gaming chair. If you just need a good’ol ergonomic gaming chair and do not need the frills offered by Enki Pro, the Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Edition has you covered and it’d be lighter on your wallet too. A lot lighter if …

Herman Miller And Logitech G Launches A New US$995 Gaming Chair

The Herman Miller x Logitech G collaboration from last year created a whole new category of gaming chair: the designer gaming chair. The first gaming chair from the collab, Embody, was an expensive gaming chair… well, it was because since then we are seeing US$1,300 examples from Razer too. Anyhoo, the collaboration minted in 2020 …