Koziol USB Station Memory City – USB flash drive tidy

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Koziol USB Station Memory City | €9,95 | www.koziol.de

question: when do you know you have one too many USB flash drives? answer: when you open your drawers, all you see are USB flash drives and memory cards. if that’s your problem, then Koziol has the neat solution for you: the USB Station Memory City. a USB flash drives organizer or tidy where your many USB flash drives can call it home. there are slots for up to three micro SD cards, three SD cards, four USB flash drives and three USB lids. the best part is, these memory drives or cards also form part of the ‘cityscape’ when you stick them to the USB Station. constructed from hard plastic, the Koziol USB Station Memory City comes in a choice of solid white or transparent red. needless to say, red is our favorite. you can get yours for €9,95 (about US$13) a pop.

Koziol via Holycool

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