Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank – no military training required

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Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank | US$149.99 |

i won’t call this a real spy gadget, cos’ it is not exactly tactical enough for any espionage jobs but this Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank you see here could offer some fun spying. in the name of fun, of course. remotely operated by a free app that works with your iDevices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod, the Rover comes equipped with camera that streams live footage, takes still photo and it even sends live audio sounds to your iDevices. oh, it can even see in the dark, thanks to its undetectable infrared night vision. the Rover generates its own WiFi that’s good for up to 200-feet (61-meters) in unobstructed environment or up to 100-feet (30-meters) around walls.
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user can maneuver Rover with the onscreen driving arrows or G-Drive Mode that harness the power of your device’s accelerometer. though, the latter would probably give you away as the mastermind behind that sneaky rover. commanding your nifty rover to do your bidding is a piece of cake but this baby here is certainly not fit for any tour of duty. the Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank can be yours for $149.99 a pop and as for the app, it is available for free from the Apple AppStore. more images and a product video clip are available after the break.

Brookstone via PadGadget

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  1. While I do think it is cool, I would *MUCH* rather build something very much like this out of Legos.  I’ve seen a number of remote controllable Lego tanks and people using Mindstorms for components, but the wifi video camera showing on your computer (let alone an iPhone etc) is a stumbling block.


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