New Music Player App On Apple Store Turns Your iPhone Into An iPod Classic With A Clever ‘Trick’

While designer/developer Elvin Hu is skeptical if his SwiftUI iPod Classic music player may not be approved by Apple, one developer, Louis Anslow, has already put up a similar app on Apple App Store.

SwiftUI iPod Classic Project Brings iPod Classic Interface To Your iPhone

Smartphone has changed the way we consume music. Its integration with our lives was slow, but seamless enough that we forgot how much we miss the iPod Classic. We didn’t how much we miss the good’ol iPod (and by extension, the good’ol Jobs-era Apple) until we saw the SwiftUI iPod Classic Project.

We Nearly Fell For LEGO’s Pretty Damn Brilliant April Fool Day’s Joke

We are wary of the news that came out on any April 1st of any year. This year is no exception. In fact, we even contemplating not to post anything on this day for fear that our naivety gets the better of us. So far, we are safe. Phew!. And then we came across a […]

This New Travel Planning App Can Also Help You Fill Out Immigration Card

Traveling can be quite a hassle. There are loads of things to look out for and to keep track, and if you are a globetrotters, all these necessary evils can get to you and to be honest, there’s really nothing you can do about it. However, there’s a new app in town that aims to […]

Thanks to Vervid Vertical Video App, Vertical Videos Are Here to Stay

Whenever there’s a video taken vertically (aka portrait), it is going to frack from the online communities, but duo John Whaley and Daniel Proksch, thinks otherwise. They think vertical video “can be immersive and look great,” adding that “it (vertical video) needs a space of its own.” Spurred by the anti-vertical video PSA, such as […]

WeMesh Lets You and Your Besties Watch and Discuss YouTube Videos Together Even While Miles Apart

There used to be a time where you and your besties (pals, buds, or whatever you call them) get together at your place to watch VHS or DVD or Blu-ray, depending on your era. But these days, you and your fellow dudes probably do it on your own and discuss whatever you guys have watched […]

Moleskine Timepage Synchronizes Multiple Calendars, Puts them into One Beautiful iOS App

Most busy urban dwellers face a similar problem: a packed schedule, which most folks managed with to-do list and calendar. Thanks to smartphone, we are able to do away with Filofax and organize our life digitally, complete with reminder, just so we won’t forget this all-important dates. But that also brings us to another problem: […]

Google Translate Now Lets You Translate Instantly By Pointing Your Smartphone Camera At Street Signs

Good news, globetrotters! Google has updated its Google Translate app for both Android and iOS to make life aboard a little easier in term of language. The updated app now gives you the power to instantly translate text using your camera, making it easier for you when navigating street signs in a foreign land, or […]

How To Download Facebook Paper App Outside Of The U.S.

It has been about 10 months since Facebook Paper goes official, but it is still not available to everyone outside of the United States. But why should you get Facebook Paper? Well, all we have to say is this: if you haven’t been using Facebook Paper, you don’t know what you have missed. For the […]