SwiftUI iPod Classic Project

Smartphone has changed the way we consume music. Its integration with our lives was slow, but seamless enough that we forgot how much we miss the iPod Classic. We didn’t how much we miss the good’ol iPod (and by extension, the good’ol Jobs-era Apple) until we saw the SwiftUI iPod Classic Project.

So what the hell is SwiftUI iPod Classic Project? Oh, nothing much really. It is just an awesome app that turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic.

SwiftUI iPod Classic Project

Created by Elvin Hu, a design/developer and a student at Cooper Union college in NYC, SwiftUI iPod Classic Project features an accurate digital representation of the iPod Classic, including a ‘screen’ that displays the Cover Flow album and the good’ol click wheel, complete with haptic feedback and the all so familiar click sounds.

It may not have the texture of the physical click wheel, but this is likely as close as you can get to the iPod Classic with sacrificing up-to-date functionality. And oh yeah, SwiftUI iPod Classic Project is totally functional, the aforementioned cover flow and click wheel included.

It is not 100 percent completed yet. Elvin hopes to wrap it up by end of the year. While exciting, Elvin cannot promised anything cos’ he cannot be sure if it will be approved by Apple, considering the legal roadblocks with regards replicating Apple’s design and UI. But here’s to hoping that it will be an actual app soon.

Images: Twitter (@elvin_not_11).

Source: 9to5Mac.