Kids with parents who have the knack for handicraft are super lucky, especially when it comes to Halloween. These kids may be too young to understand, but they do get surprises, like being able to dress up as E.T., or like this super fortunate little fellow, as a tauntaun-riding Luke Skywalker, when they go door-to-door to do their trick-or-treat thing. Little is known about this costume, but do know that it is entirely handcrafted by a loving dad by the name of Clint Case who, no doubt, is a Star Wars fan and would love to pass on his fandom to the young Padawan.

Junior may not be a Jedi (yet), but who cares when this tauntaun costume looks beyond fantastic! In fact, it is terribly adorable! Fortunately, it won’t be snowing like mad like it was on Hoth this Halloween and a nice, warm family ensures that this little rebel hero won’t need to cut open poor tauntaun and stuff himself into the foul smelling carcass to keep himself warm. Lucky junior makes a grown person like me green with envy.

via Gizmodo

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