Don’t be alarmed. That’s no a giant reaching down for a Kia Sorento MQ4. Amazingly, the Kia Sorento MQ4 you see here is actually a 1:10 scale model, built from the ground up by South Korean die-cast modeler Lee Sang-won as a Kia Motors commissioned piece.

Lee Sang-won 1:10 Scale Kia Sorento MQ4

It is an incredible work of art with copious amount of details, right down to light-up dash and accurate lighting which, btw, includes brake light and even hazard light that has corresponding blinking on the dash. Yes. It is that detailed. I was absolutely blown away by the detail.

The amount of work and the number people involved is, by scale, as many it would take to build an actual car. It involved Lee’s two skilled assistants, his wife, and a bunch of vendors, including 3D printing company, sticker printing company and more.

Lee Sang-won 1:10 Scale Kia Sorento MQ4

Think I shall not spoil the series for you. You can watch the 2-parter put together by Korean YouTube channel, Thestory (더스토리), after the post be wowed by this man’s dedication to the art of scale modeling.

Lee, btw, is a die-cast car customizer. Also, the car, which comes a remote to show off the light works, is meant as an exhibit at Kia Motors HQ in South Korea. And oh, spoiler alert, it can playback real engine sound by virtue of a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Absolutely, mind blown.

Images: YouTube (Thestory 더스토리).

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