Initial D AE86 Trueno Red Bull Soapbox

Legend has it that Takumi Fujiwara’s trusty Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno is still racing until this day… outside of Japan, that is. This is the video evidence of the car with an unknown driver, “drifting” as it “sprints” downhill.

However, this is not the actual car from the popular anime about illegal mountain races. As you can see it is a single-seater, all wheel steer (by virtue of gravity) and well, it is a soapbox car.

Initial D AE86 Trueno Red Bull Soapbox

We have seen some pretty crazy soapbox contraptions, but this tofu-delivery ride stood out because, its fun and funny, and the fact that, at some point, a chef was chasing it made it even more hilarious.

A+ for effort and A++ for screen accurate drifting maneuvers. Go ahead and have a look at the “Takumi” in action in the below embedded below.

Images: YouTube (Team Lowe).