The perks of having your own factory is, you can actually help to make medical accessories required by frontline healthcare works to soldier on in wage against COVID-19. Joining the likes of Dyson, Lamborghini, New Balance, Razer and more in the fight against the pandemic is LEGO.

LEGO Makes Visors For Healthcare Workers

The Danish toy maker have shared on its Instagram page last week that the company has begun to make visors at its factory in Billund for healthcare workers at the frontline in Denmark. A team in LEGO worked round the clock to design and developed mold that could produce over 13,000 face shields a day.

Fortunately or not, LEGO has not embarked on making plastic brick mask. I would imagine that would be the most uncomfortable thing to wear.

In any case, we applaud LEGO’s contribution as well as the various companies, big and small, that have come forward to help in one way or another.

Images: Instagram (@lego).

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