Custom Suzuki Gundam 2020 Katana Bike

Gundam is not, I repeat, is not Kamen Rider. That said, we have no idea why Suzuki USA wants a custom Gundam bike out of a 2020 Katana. Regardless of the reasons behind it, we all can agree that it looks dope.

Suzuki USA tasked the job of customizing of the Katana to Icon Motorsports and want it done in 30 days. 30 days! Normally a custom like this would take a year, if not more. So, to deliver in 30, it was all hands on deck.

The result is quite a sight to behold even though it can’t ride into space to slug it out with Zaku. And mind you, this ain’t just body works and graphics. It is more.

Custom Suzuki Gundam 2020 Katana Bike

Here’s the low down straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Twin endurance racing fuel ports, premium Nitron suspension, solid EBC rotors, Avon competition tires, and custom exhaust fitted from various Leo Vince components. Driven racing And Magura supplied the hand controls for a much-improved feel over the stock setup. The wheels, from the hallowed ICON stash of one-offs and never-wheres, are forged Galespeed units smuggled from Japan during the great magnesium embargo of ‘02.”

Like the custom Gundam Scooter from a few years ago, this custom Suzuki Gundam 2020 Katana is a one-off thing.

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While the scooter was on the market by the way of auction at some point, there’s no chance of you buying this Gundam motorcycle.

Custom Suzuki Gundam 2020 Katana Bike

Images: Icon Motorsports.

Source: Kotaku.