Regnah Axe Hanger: punch an axe in the wall to hang your coat

Regnah Axe Hanger 544x408px
(credit: Meninos) Regnah Axe Hanger | US$45.90 |

if you are person that treasures individualism, i bet you would be particular about everything you own, even right down to coat hooks. so we shall talk about coat hooks. what’s there to talk about if it is just a typical ‘J’ hook which you’re better off using a fishing hook to do the job? well, you can always hang your wall-mount fire extinguisher higher up to do the coat hanging job or you could go with the Regnah Axe Hanger that gives you two pluses: it’s going to be a conversational piece, and it is definitely not boring. the sturdy MDF ensures that it will not hurt you or your wall except for that little screw that came with it. once installed, it will hold your towel, coat, handbag and even keys – yes, it has a small secondary hook under it to take care of that. the Regnah Axe Hanger can be yours for $45.90 a pop.

Regnah Axe Hanger 544x311px

Meninos via Cool Material

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