Necessary Unnecessary Inventions: The Hook Shot And MagSafe Sanitizer

Matty Benedetto, the man behind Unnecessary Inventions, is back with a couple of, well, Unnecessary Inventions. I think Matty is being humble. Many of his inventions, including the modesty curtain for eating, are not quite unnecessary. They just look weird if they were really put into use.

Mozu Hanger Is Made From 40% Wheat Grass And Holds Up To 5 Pounds

I don’t believe we have featured a lot of clothes hanger here (quite a few coat hangers, though). Mostly because, hanger is just a hanger. There isn’t much to innovate. But like the Hurdle Hanger we saw previously, the Mozu Hanger by Ensu Design managed to find a little room for innovations.

Say Goodbye To The Frustration With Hanging Clothes With This Ingenious Hurdle Hanger

Just yesterday, I was just going through my clothes to free up some wardrobe space. The process was easy if not the hangers. I hate the time spend struggling to fit the t-shirts and I cringe every time I have stretch the neckline to fit. Then, I saw this today: the Collabo Space Hurdle Hanger.

USB-powered Wall Hook Is A Thing Now And I Am Not Even Making This Up

Power delivery through USB is one of the greatest innovations in modern time. We have seen it being use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, toys, and believe it or not, now even wall hooks. I am not even making it up. USB-powered wall hook is a thing and people are calling it “electronic hook.” I […]

Innovative MagnetTab Makes Clunky Coat Hanger A Thing Of The Past

You know how some movies show the actor coming into a room and hang his or her coat by just throwing? I am sure it took more than one take for such a scene and also, I am pretty sure some of us had, at one point in time, try to replicate this coat throwing […]

Lift: A Minimalist Hook That Hangs Just About Anything, Including Bicycle

Among the many items we need to store, bicycle is perhaps the most cumbersome. This is especially true for tiny living space, which means hanging the bike is the only way. Then again, actual bike hanger or rack, as some calls them, is not cheap. This is where Lift Minimal Hook by IPPINKA can help. […]

Seattle-based Startup Turns Functional Beer Taps into Man Cave-worthy Coat Racks

On contrary to popular believe, man’s best friend is not fido; it is that golden, crisp cold fermented beverage that we call ‘beer’. It is true. Well, mostly. Then again, as far as man, the gender, is concerned, we usually have more than one best friend. And these other ‘best friends’ may include foosball, all […]

Football Men on Coat Rack – Foosball turned coat hanger

apart from pool and darts, Foosball has been considered the greatest bar sport game ever – at least, it is in this part of the world and maybe, in the U.K. as well. what’s more beautiful then be able to combine Foosball with your insatiable need to hang things? the result of this unlikely…