You know how some movies show the actor coming into a room and hang his or her coat by just throwing? I am sure it took more than one take for such a scene and also, I am pretty sure some of us had, at one point in time, try to replicate this coat throwing act. Some get it, some don’t, but hey, this is the 21st century, so there’s ought to be a better way to ensure what you threw sticks, right? As it turns out, there is a way and it is called MagnetTab. MagnetTab is essentially a metal board that you mount on the wall with adhesive tape and it works alongside tiny accessories called MagnetButtons (or ‘loops’) to ‘stick’ your coat on the MagnetTab, or any metal surfaces.

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

Looking much like a guitar pick (or spectrum), each MagnetButton has, well, a magnet buried inside. All you have to do is to attach the a pair of MagnetButtons at the corner of a towel, or back of the neck in the case of a coat – one on the inside and another, on the outside, and you are good to go. With the MagnetButtons equipped on your garments, any metal surface is a coat hanger and best of all, you don’t even need to take aim – just hold the coat up and hurl at the metal surface, or if you have the MagnetTab installed, at the flat surface of the MagnetTab.

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

It may sound counterintuitive because of the addition of the MagnetButtons, but the result is a much cleaner-looking room that leaves you with a little more real estate to spare since you won’t be needing a coat rack or stand. I’d say the MagnetTab and Loops combo kind of project a futuristic look. MagnetTab and MagnetButtons can also benefit those who has freedom of movement, such as folks who are wheelchair-bound or anyone who lacks of the dexterity to hang up coats. So, there you have it, a simple and elegant solution that solves one of the nagging problems in life.

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MagnetTab is peddled by an Ukrainian startup who will be taking the product to Kickstarter (starting February 26, 2017, I believe) where you will be back the product and in return, secure yourself the product if it gets funded. Price-wise, you are looking at between $25-59, depending on the quantity for just the MagnetButtons, or $99-169 for the combo of MagnetTab and MagnetButtons.

Update [February 27, 2017] If you are keen, you may want to check out MagnetTab on Kickstarter. The campaign has went live a while ago, or if you want, you can skip ahead to catch the product pitch video to learn more.

Update [June 21, 2017] Unfortunately, the campaign was terminated by its creator back in February, but the good news is, it is back, rebranded as TapTab, and back on Kickstarter. If you are still keen, go check it out.

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

MagnetTab Magnetic Coats and Garments Organizer/Hanger

Images courtesy of MagnetTab/Denis Igorevitch.

Submitted via TIP US page.

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