Sofa with Built-in Massager by Dong Dong

From a yellow book of Cheese to another yellow object. OK. Not all couches come in yellow, but yeah, this is a beautiful, contemporary furniture that has a hidden function that will make any couch potato so happy.

Sofa with Built-in Massager by Dong Dong

Designed by Su Yeon Lee with Dong Hyeon Yoo, collectively known as Dong Dong, is this sofa (aka couch) combined with massage device.

Thrones with built-in massager are a huge thing in Asia, but they are mostly out of place in a contemporary living room. Try as massage chair makers might, massage chair just don’t fit into any where.

Sofa with Built-in Massager by Dong Dong

This spurred the duo to create this gorgeous piece that has a massage device built into the back of one end of the couch.

This massage device is removable, allowing the users to utilize it however he or she desire. It can be used to massage the neck or leg when lying down, or pamper the lower back anywhere along the seat.

When done, just slip it back into the couch and it looks like part of it. Even when it is removed, the general aesthetic of the sofa remains undisturbed. Now that, folks, is design. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Unfortunately, it is just a concept for now. Hopefully, massage chair makers will be able to lift a page from Dong Dong’s design and make it real, so we can stop looking at ugly ass, spaceship seat massage chair.

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Images: Dong Dong via Yanko Design.

Hat tip: Yanko Design.