While heated ice cream scoop does make scooping ice cream a lot less painful, it is not without caveats. Firstly, heating the entire scoop melts the ice cream which makes the dessert less enjoyable as it should when frozen. Secondly, you have worry about charging or changing batteries every now and then. Enters ScoopTHAT! II from product design company, THAT!

ScoopTHAT! II Heated Ice Cream Scoop

It is true that ScoopTHAT! II is a heated ice cream scoop. However, rest assure that it has none of those caveats. Instead of powered circuitry to produce heat to soften the harsh ice cream for ease of scooping, it uses a highly heat conductive alloy internal structure with biodegradable heat storage fluid to transfer the heat from the thermal capacitive handle to the scoop’s rim.

In this way, there’s no need for heating element that requires battery to power. Plus, by heating only the rim of the scoop, which is the only area that requires heat for easy slicing through ice cream anyways, ScoopTHAT! II allows the frozen treat remains largely frozen as it should, so you’d be able to enjoy ice cream. Not only is the rim of a special metallic material that draws the thermal energy from the handle, ScoopTHAT! II also touts a non-stick scoop that makes releasing the scooped ice cream way more easier.

ScoopTHAT! II Heated Ice Cream Scoop

However, at this point, I can’t help but to wonder, why can’t it be combined with the traditional scoop that has a quick release thingy for an easier scoop drop? Just thinking aloud here… Anywho, don’t you just love the ingenuity based on the good old science? I know I am digging the concept.

I have another question, though. Is the heat from our hand even enough? I mean, that’s not even accounting for the loss during transfer. Just saying… Considering that ice cream is really a frivolous extra in life and thus, anyone who goes to length to make a device to make consuming it much easier deserves our respect – even more so when you realized that this is the second iteration.

That said, ScoopTHAT! II is very obviously NOT a concept. It is real product that money can buy. However, it appears that it can only be acquired in Japan from Amazon Japan and it costs just 2,470 yen, which is about 23 American dollars.

Images: THAT!

Source: Yanko Design.

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