If you love tub ice cream like I do, you will acknowledge the struggle of scooping up the frozen dessert. It is crazy how hard this frozen sweet treat can get that makes me I wonder if a jackhammer should be use instead. Well, fortunately, we don’t need a jackhammer because now there is SVANKi, the world’s first heated ice cream scoop. What a time to be alive, eh?

SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Designed by San Francisco-based “Ergonomic Design expert and User Experience Designer Yoganshi Shah, SVANKi is the ice cream scoop you have come to know, but it has a scoop that is electrically heated, so you can scoop up even the hardest ice cream like a hot knife slicing through a butter. SVANKi said that the scoop can consistently maintain temperatures of between 140-150 Fahrenheit (60-65 Celsius) to enable a painless scooping.

SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop

It runs on a rechargeable battery that affords around 30 minutes of use per charge and it comes with a matching wireless charging base for recharging this super cool kitchen gadget. Aesthetically, SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop looks just like any other ice cream in the market, only a lot sleeker. It is waterproof, obviously, so it can be washed like any regular ice cream scoop. SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop is without doubt the one invention that we never knew we need (but we really do).

SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop

You can find SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop being crowdfunded on Kickstarter where you can pre-order a unit for $59-75. The campaign has met with quite a warm reception and it is, at press time, over 300 percent funded. So yeah, if you make a pledge for the product, it would be a pre-order which, if all goes according to Shah’s plan, will be fulfilled sometime in February 2019.

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Images courtesy of SVANKi.

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