Grammy-nominated K-pop sensation BTS is not the name associated with outdoor activities that involve the great wilderness. In this aspect, perhaps Bear Grylls will better fit the image. But Grylls ain’t as stylish and you know, better branded, than these dudes.

Helinox x BTS Outdoor Gear Collection

These guys weigh heavy on style. Outdoor image or not, it does not stop outdoor gear maker Helinox from teaming up with the biggest band in K-pop history. Folks, this is the Helinox x BTS Outdoor Gear Collection.

I am not even a fan, but the band’s signature purple colorway, along with embossed design from the logos and subtle icons on these products made the Helinox x BTS Outdoor Gear Collection strangely alluring.

Helinox x BTS Outdoor Gear Collection

We are not even paid say it. The collection just look awesome, well, at least, they are to me. Perhaps, I have a thing for purple. Perhaps.

Anywho, the Helinox x BTS Outdoor Gear Collection includes the Helinox Chair One, Cot One Convertible, Table One Hard Top, Sacoche, Gymsack, and very oddly, Hello My Name Is patch.

Sadly, the power of BTS is a formidable one and last checked, only the BTS x Helinox Cot One Convertible is still available. The rest of the products are promptly snapped up when it was announced on April 8.

Images: Helinox.

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