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Bluetooth Bulb
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as if flipping a simple light switch is a mammoth undertaking, mankind has tried ways and means to make it a more bearable task such as remotely control the them with methods ranging from voice activation to clap-activated – all in the name of making switching our lights a little easier and with more control. soon, we will have yet another way for flipping the light switch: via Bluetooth 4.0. the aptly dubbed Bluetooth Bulb is a LED light bulb that pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled phone, therefore allowing you to control it via an app. user can use the app to turn on or off the light bulb, fine tune its brightness (aka dimmer function), set up automatic timer and with the RGB model, it even allows user to change the ambience color. available in 3-, 5- and 7-watt flavor, the Bluetooth Bulb is currently a patented prototype but its developer have plans to make it available commercially – though when or at what pricing remains unknown. check out a product intro video after the break.

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