Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Works As A One-click Button For Your IoT Devices Too

Always find yourself misplacing stuff? Fret not because, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is here to help you to locate what have been misplaced. Bluetooth-powered tags have been around for many years now – so is the associated service of helping you to locating your things that have been tagged. However, Galaxy SmartTag is a tad different.

Tile Debuts New Waterproof Sticker Bluetooth-enabled Tracker

The mention of Bluetooth-enabled tracker, it brings to mind keychain-style, or credit card-style tracker that slips into your wallet. Well, that’s before Tile Sticker came along, or at least it is the case as far as the granddaddy of Bluetooth tracker Tile is concerned.

Trelawear Powered By MobileHelp Fuses Fashion With Emergency Response Technology

Being old does not mean you should go out of fashion. That being said, a safety device like a panic button shouldn’t look like it is one. It should look like the Trelawear Life Safety Pendants. These pendants blend style and safety offered by a sophisticated emergency response technology.

OmniFob: One Key Fob That Controls Pretty Much Anything And Everything In Your House

This is OmniFob by the team who brought to you the SLIDE keychain. OmniFob is like an electronic (or digital, if you will) keychain that lets you open or turn on anything from the garage door to door to lights. It really is like a keychain, except there are no physical keys involved.

The Banana Phone Is A Phone That Is Literally A Banana

Mankind’s fascination for curved phone is not illogical. A curved phone is more ergonomic when placed against the face (but clearly not when placed on flat surface such as the desk). Despite so, only a couple of handsets in the history of mobile phone ever adopted the design. In fact, there was only one and […]

Auris amplify Wants To Cut The Cord Of Your Wired Headphones

If wireless headphone have not caught on with you because, you simply can’t bear to let go your wired cans, well, then the Auris amplify Wireless Headphone Amplifier with DAC is for you). Mind you, though, Auris amplify is not merely cutting the cord, but it will turn your favorite wired audio cans into a […]

This Smart Sensor Is For Folks Who Always Need To Be In The Know

Move over smart tracker because there is a new sensor that does a lot more than telling you where your stuff are. It is called MicroBot Sense. This smaller-than-macaroon, button-like device may be tiny, but it is loaded with sensors, including 7 environment sensors, that enables Sense to pick up temperature, humidity, light intensity, relative […]

This Portable Alarm System Lets You Leave Your Things Unattended, Safely

You know what they say, “no crime, does not mean no crime.” So, even if Japan is considered a very safe country, it does not mean your things will not be snitched if you leave them unattended. I mean, that’s a no brainer. Basically, it is an open invitation to ‘take me’ if things are […]

Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker Tracks Your Wallet Without The Bulge

Do you find yourself misplacing your wallet all the time? Well, if so, here’s the perfect solution: Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker. Now, I know what you are thinking: “Aren’t there a boatload of Bluetooth trackers out there in the market?” Yup. You are right, but the thing is, most Bluetooth Trackers, while sleek and tiny, […]

This Star Trek TNG ComBadge Lets You Tap To Answer/End Calls (And More)

Forget about those Star Trek ComBadge replicas. The Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge is the Star Trek ComBadge you want. Why? Because it is not some dumb replica that merely looks good; it is one that works like the real deal. Paired it to your smartphone and you will be communicating like the Star Fleet […]