Always find yourself misplacing stuff? Fret not because, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is here to help you to locate what have been misplaced. Bluetooth-powered tags have been around for many years now – so is the associated service of helping you to locating your things that have been tagged. However, Galaxy SmartTag is a tad different.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

Galaxy SmartTag can even control various smart products, such as your TV, air conditioner, robot vacuum and more, with just a clock of the button. By the power of Bluetooth, you can easily track lost item, such your car key that has been swallowed by the couchville people, that’s nearby.

Just tap the ring button on your phone and let the sound guide you to it. The sound is the ringtone and at a volume you control. To start tracking stuff, all you have to do is to attach the things you want to track – pets like cats and dogs, included.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

Help in locating the misplaced or lost things is just an app away. With the app, you can see where it’s been last and retracing your steps to find it. Moreover, you can easily keep track of your things while it’s on the move – up to 130 yards and even when offline – thanks to Galaxy Find Network.

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There’s a catch, however. Galaxy SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can be had for US$29.99 a pop when it becomes available on January 27.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

Images: Samsung.

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