If high-tech home products are your thing, you will be pleased to learn about a bunch of new high-tech home products from Samsung. In addition to the company’s bread butter (i.e. phones, refrigerators, and TVs), there’s a new cordless stick vacuum, a faucet, a ridiculously wide microwave oven and an induction range.

Joining the Jet family of vacuum cleaners is the Jet 95 Cordless Stick Vacuum that, like LG’s and Samsung’s very own JetBot 90 AI+, boasts an automatic dust emptying system integrated into the battery charging station.

Then, there’s the faucet. But mind you. That’s no ordinary faucet. It is a faucet water purifier built into it. That’s not it. It is WiFi and voice-enabled. The new Samsung Water Purifier Faucet offers improved filtration with two faucets for various uses, customizable horizontal or vertical installation, and remote, smart control.

Next up is a Slim Over-The-Range Microwave oven that is designed for any kitchen with an under-cabinet hood. This unusually wide microwave touts industry-best 1100W output and comes with a power ventilation system.

Finally, there’s the Front Control Slide-in Flex Duo Induction Range which is WiFi-enabled and features a simpler range control with Smart Dial and a built-in Air Fry mode. Moreover, it features dual doors that turn one even into two, thus eliminating the restriction of just one oven temperature or timer. Now that, I must say, is a novel idea.

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All images courtesy of Samsung.

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