Titanium Kung Foon

Titanium Kung Foon
(photos: GSI Outdoors) Titanium Kung Foon | US$16.95 | www.gsioutdoors.com

spork is a result of a spoon spliced with a fork, which we thought was a pretty cool invention but the Titanium Kung Foon elevates the spork to the next level by incorporating a nice pair of wooden chopsticks into it. the spork part of the Kung Foon needs little introduction: we all know it is good for biting into your food and the deep bowl form allows scooping of soups and cereals but it is the chopsticks part that adds to its functionality. the chopsticks slide into the foon handle, transforming the otherwise short utensil into a long handled utensil that is well suited for scooping, scraping or stirring in narrow pots. so do we really need chopsticks while we out on the road or while camping? perhaps we do, especially you have those ready to eat packet that a pair of chopsticks will be useful in picking the food out. then again, it will be kind of redundant if you do not know how to handle a pair of chopsticks but still, a long handle utensil is a bonus, if not a novelty, while you are out camping or anywhere else that does not provide utensils. the Titanium Kung Foon can be yours for $16.95 a pop. head past the jump for a few more larger views.

GSI Outdoors via lifehacker

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