Here’s a cool gadget for those who have issue with odor. If your home is plagued by foul odor from trash can or cat litter, VentiFresh Odor Eliminator is here to help. As a norm, we deploy deodorizers and chemicals to “eliminate” the smell, but both you and I know that those things do nothing more than mask the smell. VentiFresh, on the other hand, does not.

VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

It does not obscure unpleasant odor with a veil of nice smelling scent; it uses UV photocatalyst technology and air ventilation, technology that are similar to that used by NASA to keep the International Space Station’s environment clean, to systematically break down organic odor. Its maker, Conary Enterprise, said over 50 percent of odor will be neutralized in just 30 minutes.

VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

It uses no chemical and energy efficient, and it is suitable for small spaces of up to 50L and these include cat litter boxes, trash cans, shoe cabinets and gym lockers – just to pick out a few. It is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, but it can be powered by an outlet if continuous operation is required. An additional power bank can also be used to power the device if an outlet is out of reach.

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VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

Other highlights include built-in magnet and Mag Dot accessory for affixing it to variety of surfaces, zero maintenance with no filters to replace, built-in light sensor automatically turn on the device when dark and turn off in the light, and finally, it has a custom designed, quiet motor fan that actively draws smelly air into the photocatalyst core to be processed.

Perhaps, more importantly, VentiFresh is lab tested and proven to work. It does not have a lot of reviews on Amazon, but so far, the response to the device is positive. You can find VentiFresh Odor Eliminator on Amazon, priced at $77.90 a pop.

All images courtesy of Conary Enterprise.

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