up till today, pocket multi-tools are mainly designed to slip into your pocket or as a keychain. if you are not a fan of both, then perhaps a multi-tool that snaps right into a belt buckle might. introducing the Gerber GDC Belt Tool. hidden away in its beautiful G-10 belt buckle is a removable 3.3-inch tool that offers three functionalities: as a flat head screwdriver, a pry bar and a bottle opener, letting you wield the tools at your convenience while still keeping your pants up. the belt is a customizable 52-inch heavy gauge nylon material, coupled to a quick release fastener. the tool features a ring thumb grip (similar to the GDC Money Clip) that lets your finger wrap around it, while the subtle saw edge provides your thumb the grip and leverage when force is applied, thereby creating a solid grip even without a full-fledge handle. the steel tool is treated to titanium coating for durability and strength, and it is of course, rush proof.

Gerber GDC Belt Tool

the GDC Belt Tool is one of those tools that probably can’t replace part of your toolbox, but could be a handy tool when out camping, hiking and the likes. it is lightweight (9.1 ounces or about 258 gram) and the fact it is part of the waist belt means it will not take up pocket space and the tools can be quickly access without any hassle. but lets not kid ourselves, the tools are pretty tiny and therefore, so as far as heavy duty works go, it is a no-go. any force exertion (typical of heavy duty works), might end up hurting your digits. it’s a no brainer. but we are sure it will make a nifty backup tool in time of need. plus, the G-10 front plate does speak quite a lot of style and a unique fashion statement, don’t you think so? the Gerber GDC Belt Tool can be yours for just $37.95.

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GDC via The Awesomer

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