Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition Notebooks

Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition Notebooks
Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition Notebooks | from US$16.95 |

even in this digital age, it is still a herculean task trying to go paperless (we should know better). there is just something about the good old pen (or pencil) and paper combination that draws us – so much so that no amount of notebook apps available today or whatsoever could derailed us from our love for the traditional medium. it could be the sense of accomplishment or the flexibility of writing or doodling on a notebook that has us hooked and we thank the people who invented them. however, toting around a little black book might not make the statement about who you are and hence, these Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition Notebooks should let everyone know that besides writing in real ink, you are also a huge brick fan. affectionally referred as “hacked limited edition” notebooks, each of these notebooks feature a LEGO plate embedded into Moleskine’s de-bossed, silkscreened black cover. the notebooks are available in four formats: ruled and plain notebooks in a choice of pocket or large sizes. packaged within is a printed flyleaf, an inner pocket, a color-coordinated bookmark, and ten adhesive labels of LEGO bricks and minifigs for personalizing your pages. the Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition notebooks are available now with starting price tag of $16.95 a pop.

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