Moleskine Smart Writing Set Digitizes Pen Strokes As You Write Or Doodle

Even with in the digital age, we can’t seem to let go of the good’ol pen. Why? Probably because it is easy as heck to use and convenient. You just pick up a pen and scribble away. No firing up of app or whatsoever. But therein lies the problem. It’s a digital world and we […]

Moleskine Timepage Synchronizes Multiple Calendars, Puts them into One Beautiful iOS App

Most busy urban dwellers face a similar problem: a packed schedule, which most folks managed with to-do list and calendar. Thanks to smartphone, we are able to do away with Filofax and organize our life digitally, complete with reminder, just so we won’t forget this all-important dates. But that also brings us to another problem: […]

Batman Arrives on the Cover of Moleskine Notebook, But He Won’t Stick Around for Long

Come to think of it, we have yet to see any modern Batman taking down notes, but that don’t really matter, because as a Dark Knight fan (that’s if you are one), chances are you may take note and if you do, you might be interested in the Batman Limited Edition Notebook by Moleskine. Like […]

Turn Your iPhone 6 into a Notebook with Moleskine Smartphone Cover

You probably hasn’t touch a notebook since the invention of smartphone and you probably miss the good’ol feel of a traditional notebooks like those from Moleskine. If so, here’s a quick fix that strikes a balance between your longings and modern day wants: the Moleskine Smartphone Cover for iPhone 6, well, that’s assuming you are […]

Write Down Your Plans on Paper and Be Reminded of Them Digitally with Evernote Planner by Moleskine

so you are comfortable with pen and paper? but how nice if you could translate what you have written with a regular pen into digital form and have say, your appointments jotted in your planner and be reminded of them digitally via your mobile device? though it involves your good’ol writing materials, but it sure […]

Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection

as hard as we tried, we can never really go paperless and in fact, most ordinary folks weren’t able to and there’s a good reason why: there’s a strange sense of achievement or sort when we are actually scribing something down with the good’ol pen or pencil. you know, sometime the idea just struck you and all you…

Moleskine Photo Books

honestly, we are a not a huge fan of printed photos cos’ we think they are a mess to consolidate and more often than not, the individual photo gets lost. we also loath the part where we need to buy those uninspiring photo albums with tacky mounting to put them together. however, if the photos are printed as a book like the Moleskine Photo Books featured here, then…

Moleskine Black Page Album & Fluorescent Pen

Moleskine is not just for serious note taking, travel planning or doodling. with the new Black Page Album, you can take your creativity to a whole new psychedelic level. we are familiar with Moleskine’s iconic notebook but not one that is completely clad in black, including the cover, the…

Moleskine LEGO Limited Edition Notebooks

even in this digital age, it is still a herculean task trying to go paperless (we should know better). there is just something about the good old pen (or pencil) and paper combination that draws us – so much so that no amount of notebook apps available today or whatsoever could derailed us from…