Moleskine Black Page Album & Fluorescent Pen

Moleskine Black Page Album
Moleskine Black Page Album & Fluorescent Pen | from US14.95 |

Moleskine is not just for serious note taking, travel planning or doodling. with the new Black Page Album, you can take your creativity to a whole new psychedelic level. we are familiar with Moleskine’s iconic notebook but not one that is completely clad in black, including the cover, the elastic band, as well as the pages inside – which is exactly what the Black Page Album (from €14.90 or about US$18.40) is about – all things in black. designed for the lighter side of life such as scrapbooking, photo collection, fine arts projects or whatever uses that your creative mind can conjure up with. it comes in Pocket, Large and A4 formats, with horizontal binding. the Large version is also available as a Japanese Album with accordion pages too. the highlight of the Black Page Album is its natural ability to make Moleskine’s Fluorescent Roller Pen ($14.95) stands out. the new Fluorescent Roller Pen features a transparent squarish barrel that shows off its refillable fluorescent gel, and a large and smooth tip for doodling and writing on any type of Moleskine paper. of course, it would stands out the most on the Black Page Album which is what we love about it. it kind of remind us of the once glorious psychedelic 70s. check out a video and some larger views after the break.

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