1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock

1960s IBM 13-5-inch Standard Issue Clock 900x900px
(photos: Schoolhouse) 1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock | US$235.00 | www.schoolhouseelectric.com

in the 60s thru to the 80s, IBM was a computing powerhouse. in fact, it is the name in computing, until the proliferation of personal computer in the late 80s. it was during its hey days that even clocks on the walls of offices, warehouses and schools bore the mark of this famous IT firm. now, you can relive those glory days of IBM in your very home with this 1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock presented to you by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. described as a faithful reproduction of the classic IBM indicator clocks, this vintage replica is assembled in Portland, Oregon and constructed with a spun steel case with a gorgeous domed glass lens. beyond the dome glass is a dial that features an original graphic treatment, circa 1947, and a quartz movement with a red, continuous sweeping second hand. as for the price of such replicated classic, it will set you back at $235 each and is available exclusively from Schoolhouse. larger images follows after the break.
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