I Bet You Never Thought A Non-Tech Wearable Notepad Could Work

Here’s a new twist on wearables. It is not a wearable tech that we talking about, though. The kenma wemo is an age-old tool with a modern twist, without the burden of modern day tech. Wemo is a wearable notepad. Yes. It is a notepad and it is wearable. However, instead of the usual notepad […]

FPlife Lockbook Is The World’s First Notebook With Fingerprint Sensor

Do you recall those notebooks with an integrated latch that locks with a miniature padlock? Yeah, that was how we used to secure the contents of the notebook. The FPlife Lockbook with Fingerprint Diary is a modern, high-tech spin of that notebook of bygone era. And yes, it does have a biometric fingerprint sensor, so […]

Microwave-To-Erase Notebook Makes Notebook Keep Up With Digital Age

In this digital age, taking digital notes is no doubt more convenient over the good’ol pen and paper because, any mistake made, you can simply delete it and therefore, it kind of makes zero sense to want to go back to ancient way of doing things, but if, just what if, there’s a notebook that […]

Sirius’ SLICE Breaks Convention With Triangular-shape Notebook

In this digital age, if you are still taking notes with traditional pen and paper, we salute you. And if your really do, this notebook may pique your interest, especially if you are into unique objects that speak of your individuality and style. Meet SLICE, a notebook that breaks convention by going triangular. Yep. A […]

Notebook That Last Forever Will Make Notebook Makers Cringe

Still taking notes on the good’ol notebook? Well, then I guess you must have amassed a ton of them. Clearly, this adds to the things to store and being on notebooks, recalling notes written become increasing daunting as the number of notebook increases, and that’s not to mention, you are contributing to the decreasing number […]

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Digitizes Pen Strokes As You Write Or Doodle

Even with in the digital age, we can’t seem to let go of the good’ol pen. Why? Probably because it is easy as heck to use and convenient. You just pick up a pen and scribble away. No firing up of app or whatsoever. But therein lies the problem. It’s a digital world and we […]

Batman Arrives on the Cover of Moleskine Notebook, But He Won’t Stick Around for Long

Come to think of it, we have yet to see any modern Batman taking down notes, but that don’t really matter, because as a Dark Knight fan (that’s if you are one), chances are you may take note and if you do, you might be interested in the Batman Limited Edition Notebook by Moleskine. Like […]

Spark Notebook is a Proof That Taking Down Notes Don’t Need to be Digital

Despite the proliferation of digital media and the convenience of tablets and phablets, we felt that the good’ol physical writing is the best way to jot down ideas and we’re pretty sure at least 2,500 folks on this planet are on the same page with us. How we know? By judging by the popularity of […]

Write Down Your Plans on Paper and Be Reminded of Them Digitally with Evernote Planner by Moleskine

so you are comfortable with pen and paper? but how nice if you could translate what you have written with a regular pen into digital form and have say, your appointments jotted in your planner and be reminded of them digitally via your mobile device? though it involves your good’ol writing materials, but it sure […]

Monsieur Notebooks – The Real Leather Notebook

believe it or not, some of us here still carries with us a notebook when we head out. yes. as strange as it may sound, it is hard to beat pen and paper when comes to jotting down notes, doodling and the likes, and it is the best way to give away your numbers to